Taste Me Please was originally launched as the caterer for Poet Tree Cafe, where it is cool to be hot and hot to be cool! It then served as the caterer for all I M Possible Mall (I M) events. Now Taste Me Please is here to serve you.

Taste Me Please believes every meal should be an expression of our emotions. It should be a sensual experience where all of our senses come alive like the aura of being in love. See me...inhale me...feel me...hear me...taste me please so says our cuisine! Your meal should make you constantly crave more. We crave food, we crave intimacy, we crave love. These are essential to the human experience. Whenever and wherever you dine, your meal should satisfy all of you! Don't allow eating to become something you have to do. Make it something you want to do, you look forward to doing, morning, noon, and night. Your cuisine should be good to you and good for you. A good meal will make you radiate inside and out just like being in love. You should love your food and it should love you back. It is all about me-N-u so says our cuisine.

NOTICE - Taste Me Please has pivoted to promoting healthy eating centered on nutritious, nutrient-dense foods. This decision is to align Taste Me Please with its sister brands I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness, I M University environmental sustainability initiatives, and I M's overall mission for conscious-based living. Therefore we our shifting our catering menus to include healthy, nutritious, nutrient-dense meals. We hope you will make this transformation with us. Our current photos no longer represent our offerings or recipes. The entire website is scheduled to be replaced.


Place your love on a plate,
I will endlessly dine.
Place your heart upon me.
I will give you mine.
Sonnet #1 - Claude Garretson

Fully Insured - Veteran Owned - Minority Owned



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Taste Me Please encourages mindful eating.